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Raze 4

About The Raze 4 Game

Raze 4 is a online shooting game in which your task is to complete a various missions. On the beginning create your profile by entering your name for your player. Before starting the game you can click on the option “Soldier” where you can customize your soldier in the way you want. With the War funds you can upgrade and improve your soldier by buying him a new main weapons and secondary weapons, you can also improve his skills and killstreak. In your solider stats you can improve Health, Critical, Aim and Ammo for your soldier. Your task in this game is to defeat the opponent team, you will be in the Blue team and you need to defeat the Orange team using your weapons. You will find yourself in situation where you will need to find the other way around in order to reach your destination. This unblocked online shooting game you can play in many different ways you just need to choose the one that suits you the best.

Strike force heroes first platform level and enemy soldiers
First level in the Raze 4 Game where you need to shoot enemy soldiers on the platform with the help from your teammate

How To Play Strike Force Heroes Game

Choose the type of soldier with who you want to play. You can choose a Medic, Assassin, Commando and Tank. Each of these soldiers have their speciality and they have purpose in the game. Choose the one that suits you the most. You can also win all kind of different Medals in the game, for example you can win a medal for completing the Campaign, for buying all skills for all soldiers you can also unlock a secret achievement and much much more. Don’t forget that some soldier classes or weapon types can work much better than others in certain situations. You can also adjust the graphics of the game. You can play Campaign mode in which your task is to win and complete the whole game by completing the missions and defeating the enemy forces.

Next mode is Challenging mode in which your task is to complete various challenges like killing certain amount of enemies with certain weapon and so on. The last mode is Quick Match mode in which you need to kill enemies before time runs out or you need to complete a mission before time runs out. To move your character use Arrow keys or W,A,S,D. Use Q and Shift to Switch Weapons. Use E and Ctrl button to Activate Killstreak. R to Reload. Use mouse to Aim and Fire.

Strike force heroes soldier menu
Strike Force Heroes soldier menu where you can buy new primary and secondary weapons and where you can upgrade and improve your soldier stats with the War Funds

Final Words For Strike Force Heroes Game
If you love shooting games where you can pick 4 different classes of soldiers, where you can play the game in the way that suits you the best, where you can upgrade and improve your soldier than this is the game for you! Show your shooting skills and defeat the enemy team. Complete the missions that is in front of you, play all three modes and enjoy everything that this awesome shooting game can provide to you. Play with your friends, win the game together. We can say only the best for this game because there is so much things that you can do and the ways that you can play this Strike Force Heroes Game so in that way you can beat this game many times in a different ways which make this game much cooler. Have fun!

Strike force heroes main picture of the game
Main picture of the Strike Force Heroes Game where you can see all soldier classes fighting against the enemy using their special weapons

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