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Raze 5

About the Raze 5 Unblocked Game

The second part of this unblocked online shooting game will provide you with far more fun! In this part of the game you can choose 5 different classes. Raze 5 is shooting game that you can play from any place and at any time, from school or work. In this game you choose a solider class that suits your skills the most and your task is to complete various missions that you will get in each level. Every next level will be harder than previous one so you will need to give your best. Also having so much different classes means that you can beat this game many times in a different ways. This shooting game you can also save which means that you can play it every day and move on from the last place you was on. First one is The Engineer, The Mercenary, The General, The Juggernaut and The Sniper.

Strike force heroes 2 soldier inventory
Raze 5 inventory with all kind of different helmets, body armor, camo and color for your soldier

How to Play

Your first mission in this unblocked game will be to shoot the enemies in order to reach the store. collect ammo, health and new weapons on your way to your destination. From time to time you will get a help from your team, use their help in order to complete mission or to kill enemies. Controls: Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Use your Arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move. Q or Shift to switch Weapons. Use War Fonds to improve and upgrade your class and to buy new, stronger and more powerful main and secondary weapons. Avoid enemy bullets as much as you can and when you can, use a cover. Also try to approach the enemy from behind, in that way you will kill them faster and you will not be damaged from their fire.

Strike force heroes 3 menu, weapons and inventory
Hero soldier inventory in which you can change the class the weapon and upgrade your hero from the War Funds

Final Words For Strike Force Heroes 3 Game

In Strike Force Heroes 3 awaits you new features, new missions, weapons, maps and epic story that comes to an end. Discover what’s gonna happen in the end of this awesome shooting game. This game is great choice for every gamer especially for shooting game fans. You can create your soldier, you can change a lot of weapons, you can buy and find epic weapons that have much stronger fire power, you can customize your hero in the way you want and you can play this online shooting game from any place and at any time because it is completely unblocked game. Defeat the enemy soldiers, complete missions, collect everything you find on your way, try each weapon because each of them are special in their own way. Good luck and have fun!

Strike force heroes 3 main picture
Main picture of the Strike Force Heroes 3 game in which are all classes of soldiers

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