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About The Raze Unblocked Game

Raze is a type of shooting game in which your mission is to eliminate the aliens that have invaded planet Earth. You belong to a special group of soldiers whose task is to eliminate all the aliens. Animation, graphics, effects and much more with which this shooting game will provide you, it’s gonna delight you. A phenomenal story line that this Raze game carries, a huge selection of weapons with which you can kill aliens, exciting levels, special weapons, secret rooms and much much more waiting you in this game. For all fans of shooting games in which you can do various Achievement, killing aliens, improve and upgrade your character and make progress, then this is the right game for you.

Game Modes

Raze Game Mods

Raze unblocked game gives you two modes that you can play, Campaign mode and Quick Match mode. The Campaign mode is your first and fundamental mode in which your task is to eliminate the aliens and to perform a number of different missions and the main is to save Planet Earth and kill a large number of aliens using at your disposal, a large selection of weapons. In the campaign you can improve your character by buying various types of armor, weapons, boosters and much more which will make your character stronger, better, faster, superior and more deadly for aliens. The campaign have 15 missions that you must beat in order to win this exciting game, then you will unlock the option to play with the alien race in which your task will be the opposite, to destroy humankind on Planet Earth. In the Quick Match mode you can do various kinds of competitions as for example, how much you can survive while enemy constantly attack you, elimination where every man is for himself and many other challenges that you can play with your friends and compete with each other.

How to play

Raze Human Campaign Levels

If this is the first time you play Raze game, create your character profile in beginning, will not last long. Choose one of the offered appearance how you want your character to look in the game, name of your character. You can even choose type of expressions for your character in certain moments of battle, you can choose: Silent type, Gamer, Military, Alien, Zombie, Robot, Angry or Noob type. Some of these are very funny and interesting at the same menu you will be able to track your progress through the game, how many enemies you killed, how many times you die, precision, suicide, headshot, and much more. In this Raze game you have 15 very challenging, interesting and exciting levels, each will have special mission for you that you must complete in order to go to the next level. The main goal is to perform the mission, kill aliens, upgrade and improve your character and to target enemies in the head because in that way you will take maximum of their energy and thereby kill them faster and save ammunition.


Raze Game Controls

To move your character, to jump and double jump use W,A,S,D or arrow keys.


  • Use spacebar to jump
  • Use mouse to aim and fire
  • To change switch or select your weapons you can use 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 or Q, E even Left Shift
  • Use mouse to aim and fire
  • If you want to pause the game you use P or Ctrl
  • To see your score press Tab

Final summary

Awesome shooting game that will give you real pleasure while playing, all sorts of weapons, Power Armor, aliens, shoot to kill mission, exciting story, challenging and interesting missions, all in one great shooting game you can find in this Raze unblocked game. You can buy or find incredible weapons that will allow you to easily and quickly kill your enemy, some of these weapons are: Magnum T2, Sniper Rifle, Railgun, Flame Shotgun, Zapper, Plasma Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher and Ice Chaingun, you can find more info about every of this weapons in the game info menu. Have fun!

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